About Our Food

We use the very best ingredients and treat them with traditional cooking methods to bring you a dining experience like no other. Our menu includes dishes from Pakistan, Egypt, and the Middle East, created using techniques handed down by real families and presented to you as if you were a guest in our own homes.

We are genuine at Tikka Grill, this means no shortcuts. Our attention to detail and adherence to traditional processes is reflected in the taste of each dish. The intermingling of rich scents and smells from our creations will permeate your senses and stimulate your curiosity. Crafted using time-honored processes, our slow-cooked meats will melt in your mouth and tease your palate. Our complex mixtures of herbs and spices, at times subtle and at times strong, will be like highlights on your culinary journey. You’ll marvel at the depth of flavor that we have to offer you, savor our side dishes, and appreciate the uniqueness of our handcrafted desserts. After you cap it off with the most fragrant Chai that you’ve ever had before, you’ll reflect on how it all came together so nicely.


We invite you to the experience.


Tikka Grill